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Eldritch Moon Prerelease Weekend

Emrakul has come to Innistrad and is making herself at home. This set introduces two-into-one flip cards and continues the story begun in Shadows over Innistrad. A prerelease is your first chance to get hold of the new stuff!

This prerelease will follow the same pattern as normal: Midnight on friday, then saturday and sunday daytimes and evenings. Each event will be 20 per head and will get you everything you need to play. As always, we'll be offering our 5 prereleases for 90 option.

All events are in the shop.

Saturday 00:00 - Midnight Prerelease
Saturday 12:00 - Daytime event
Saturday 18:00 - Flat Prize event*

Sunday 12:00 - Daytime event
Sunday 18:00 - 2-headed Giant**

* Each participant in the flat prize event gets 2 boosters regardless of standing.
** You will need a partner to play 2-headed giant, if you don't have one, we will guarantee to find one for you.

New to Magic? You'll love these events! Just call or drop into the shop and we'll answer all your questions.

See you there!

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All events are in the shop unless otherwise stated.

July 2016
16-17/06/16 MTG Eldritch Moon Prerelease Weekend

August 2016
07/08/16 MTG Modern Quarterly

Regular Weekly Events

MTG: EDH Night 6pm (free)
X-WING: Weekly casual (Free)

Wargaming - Warmachine/Hordes 6pm (free)
D & D Encounters 6pm 1
MTG: Legacy (Every fortnight) 7pm (3.50)

MTG: Gateway Night (Free) MTG: Modern 7pm (3.50)
GW: Warhammer Fantasy/40k (Free)
MTG: FNM Standard 7pm (3.50)
MTG: FNM Draft 7pm (10.00)

YGO: Hobby League 12pm (3.50)
CFV: Weekly 1:00pm (3.50)

Pokemon League (CCG and DS) 12pm (3.50)

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